New Paintings at Walrus

I added new paintings to my show at Walrus yesterday. “Jeweled Nest” is a teeny, tiny painting that is small and sweet in scale and seems to illicit “awwwww” as a response! “Stepping Stones” is white, abstract, and loose. The scattered oval shapes remind me of skipping stones at the beach. The defined, glossy black shape in the foreground  jumps out from the canvas, while the muted charcoal seems to fade away. The silver leaf lends texture and shape. The other  new piece is also beach-like. “Oyster Shell” reminds me of the shells you collect on holiday -crushed iridescent bits you find on white sand. This painting is on cradled wood panel with natural, oiled wood edges. After rehanging all the artwork, the display looks fresh and light so please stop by the store for a look!

Click here to see pictures from the opening night…

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