“I have been creating art since I was five. At twelve, my walls became my canvas when I painted my room in oil paints. In university, my favourite project was building a human-sized bird’s nest…a subject that continues to inspire me for its beauty, fragility and strength.”

Christine is an emerging artist with a background in illustration and textile design. She studied Communications and Fine Arts at Simon Fraser University. Since her solo show Mixed Media in 2010, she has established a strong presence among private collectors and designers. She creates her paintings with a mix of acrylics, oils, charcoal, vellum, oil stick and resin. Christine’s process involves repeatedly adding and then concealing layers of paint beneath the resin to create texture and depth. She likes to infuse the written word into her paintings, using text and phrases in a cheeky manner lending levity to the work. This play between spontaneity and graphic elements gives her artwork an undone edge. She draws her inspiration from her social and physical landscape, capturing a sense of movement and emotion.

Christine is represented by Art Works Gallery and Art Rental & Sales operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Her work is also available at Walrus, Brougham Interiors or directly by commission through her studio at 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver BC.


One thought on “Bio

  1. Christine,

    What you do looks interesting. We are always looking foe new and talented artists.If you like who we are, drop me an e-mail. I can’t guarantee you anything, but it is always good to try.

    All the Best,
    George A.Caragea
    Corporate Art Director
    British American Auctions

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